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Jawad I. Fitter Chicago Cook County Illinois

Fitter Law is a Subscription-based Law Firm for Business, founded in 2019 in Chicago, IL. The Law Firm's subscription plans include unlimited legal consultations, unlimited contract reviews, powerful legal resources, insight, guidance, and much more to all clients for one low monthly price.Attorney Jawad Fitter is the founding member of Fitter Law, LLC. He represents clients in business negotiations, relationship development, and contracting. He has facilitated over $50M Dollars in business transactions.In addition, he represents businesses and individuals in civil litigation from pre-litigat...


Ankur Shah Chicago Cook County Illinois

Ankur Shah is the Managing Partner of Shah Legal Representation ("SLR"). Mr. Shah went to Madison, obtained degrees in Economics and Political Science from the University of Wisconsin, and graduated from the law school at the University of Minnesota. After working on presidential, Illinois state office, and congressional races, Mr. Shah worked for a preeminent Judge presiding over an individual commercial calendar in the Law Division of the Circuit Court of Cook County. Mr. Shah is the author of Increase Access to the Appellate Courts: A Critical Look At Modernizing the Final Judgment Rule pu...


Ryan Zeller Chicago Cook County Illinois

Zeller law is an innovative business law firm providing professional, efficient, and affordable legal representation to small businesses, start-ups, professionals, and entrepreneurs throughout Illinois. Our Chicago lawyers practice in the areas of civil and business litigation, corporate and business law, contract law, estate planning, and trademark law....