Securities law Lawyers in Salt Lake City

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Salt Lake City

Stephen Christiansen Salt Lake City Salt Lake County Utah

Stephen Christiansen tries jury and bench trials and litigates appeals in the state and federal courts. No subject matter is off limits. He represents companies and individuals as plaintiffs and defendants in securities, contracts, intellectual property, real estate, personal injury, property damage, eminent domain, commercial, corporate, LLC, partnership, products liability, insurance, criminal defense, negligent and intentional torts, energy, tax, employment, bankruptcy, and any other matter tried in the courts. He is recognized as one of the top lawyers in Utah and the Mountain States....

Salt Lake City

Steven A. Clayton Salt Lake City Salt Lake County Utah

Steve advises business owners and individual in incorporating their ventures, acquiring existing businesses, negotiating contractual relationships, resolving partnership disputes, real estate, recapitalization, mergers, acquisitions, and the structuring of financing instruments.Prior to joining Vantus, Steve worked with Hirschi Christensen, PLLC, Cottonwood Capital, LLC and Cherokee & Walker, LLC, a private equity firm, all located in Salt Lake City, Utah. As in-house counsel at Cottonwood Capital, Steve was integral in the acquisition of over $400MM in national commercial real estate and ...