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Little Rock

William J Changose Little Rock Pulaski County Arkansas

I'm a retired Air Force officer and pilot who transitioned into civilian leadership roles and have a passion for law and serving my clients. I've been a company president, on a the board of a publicly traded bank, and chief operating officer of several companies.


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Little Rock

Mr. Mark Robinette Little Rock Pulaski County Arkansas

I work hard to get you the result you want. There are many ways to solve a legal problem, and I will educate you about your options so that you can make an informed decision. I possess extensive experience in the field in oil and gas matters. I also probate wills, serve as in-state counsel for estates probated in other states, draft real estate contracts, litigate personal injury claims, and help people escape bad marriages in divorce court. I represent clients before Arkansas State Courts, Arkansas Federal District Courts, and the Arkansas Oil and Gas Commission....

Little Rock

J. Don Overton Little Rock Pulaski County Arkansas

I operate a boutique law practice dedicated to legal issues that involve the areas of Construction Law, Real Estate Law, Green Building/Sustainable Development Law, Hotel/Hospitality Law and Small Business Law....

Little Rock

Robert M. Wilson III Little Rock Pulaski County Arkansas

Litigation Associate for Wilson and Associates. Former Deputy Prosecuting Attorney for Pulaski County. Former Washington DC congressional staffer. Experienced in mortgage banking, real estate, collections, and criminal law....

Little Rock

Richard Lee Quintus Little Rock Pulaski County Arkansas

Have participated in numerous types of cases involving personal injuries, construction disputes and injuries, financial cases and class actions. Have also assisted people in pro bono matters and those without access to funds or legal representation.I have also mentored younger persons and law students for legal development and awareness of the changing areas in law....