Immigration law Lawyers in Virginia Beach

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Virginia Beach

Vivyane Kima Virginia Beach Virginia

Understandably, Atty. Kima has a passion for Immigration Law. She is motivated by the desire to help keep families together. She also has a strong desire to build an institution that can effectively guide and support American and African businesses to trade and invest in each other's markets on the basis of mutual respect and benefits. Service is her business. Atty. Kima believes in providing the highest level of service for her clients. She believes that good service makes all the difference to a successful business. She is always ready to go the extra mile to assist and satisfy her clients....

Virginia Beach

Tatiana Mendez Ilchyshyn Virginia Beach Virginia

Tatiana Mendez is an attorney in Virginia whose practice focuses primarily on immigration, family, criminal, and traffic cases. Mendez began her legal career as an intern for the Federal Public Defender's Office in Norfolk where she assisted in the defense of a variety of clients and conducted interviews in Spanish. Since then she has practiced law all over Hampton Roads and gained experience in a wide variety of cases. In addition to her legal experience, Ms. Mendez is fluent in Spanish and earned a top score on the International Fluency Exam for Spanish Translators....

Virginia Beach

Lauren Rachel Truslow Virginia Beach Virginia

I have several years experience working in immigration law both before and after becoming an attorney. I am well-versed in the federal legal processes available to immigrants who are applying for benefits or seeking relief from removal....