Health care law Lawyers in Atlanta

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Kimberly Anderson Atlanta Fulton County Georgia

"Kimberly Anderson is an attorney at Robbins Ross Alloy Belinfante Littlefield LLC and focuses practice on commercial litigation as well as administrative and regulatory matters for business and individuals. She joined the firm in 2010 after serving as legislative counsel for Ranking Member Jeff Sessions on the United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary. While legislative counsel on the Judiciary Committee, she advised Ranking Member Sessions and other Republican Judiciary Committee members on pending judicial and executive nomination, including the recent nomination and confirmation of ...


Jay McManigal Atlanta Fulton County Georgia

Jay is passionate about representing his clients' best interests. He is strategic and stern, yet, considerate. With his extensive background in litigation, he is well versed in understanding how and why various issues in commercial transactions affect his clients. "I enjoy working with each one of my clients to ensure they are fully aware of how each contract may impact their business and their livelihood, while also firmly protecting my clients from unnecessary risk or unreasonable circumstances."Areas of Focus: Practice TransactionsConstruction DisputesBusiness and Civil Litigation Jay rece...