Criminal law Lawyers in Tustin

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Miranda Dempsey McCroskey Tustin Orange County California

[email protected] * Call me for a consultation: Call (833) UNLOCKED; (833) 865-6253I am the KEY to unlocking a California professional license. With a degree from University California, Santa Barbara, and a law degree from Loyola Law School in Los Angeles, I understand the nuances of California criminal courts and licensing boards. As a criminal defense attorney, I spent 20 years defending my clients? liberty --- only to find that they were facing additional jeopardy when their professional licenses -- and livelihood ? were at stake. After handling thousands of cases I realized that defe...


Katie Walsh Tustin Orange County California

Katie Walsh is a criminal attorney who focuses her practice on children, and Juvenile Criminal law. Ms. Walsh wants to help parents and children navigate the juvenile criminal system getting them the best result possible. Before starting her own firm in 2012, Ms. Walsh was an Orange County District Attorney for 10 years where she worked in Juvenile court and Domestic Violence unit. She has the benefit of viewing her cases from both sides, as a former DA. She also deals with schools and school districts regarding school discipline and expulsion issues.Ms. Walsh?s main goal is to protect you...


Michael J. Ocampo Tustin Orange County California

Michael is a former prosecutor who has come to learn that the noble ideals of the criminal justice system are striven for more often than they are achieved. He focuses his practice exclusively on criminal law so that he can help those accused of a crime ? often ordinary, everyday people ? ensure that their rights are honored and that they receive a fair opportunity to be heard. Michael served as a deputy district attorney at the Tulare County District Attorney?s Office where he gained experience in jury trials, bench trials in juvenile court, arguing motions in criminal cases, and negotiating ...