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[email protected] * Call me for a consultation: Call (833) UNLOCKED; (833) 865-6253I am the KEY to unlocking a California professional license. With a degree from University California, Santa Barbara, and a law degree from Loyola Law School in Los Angeles, I understand the nuances of California criminal courts and licensing boards. As a criminal defense attorney, I spent 20 years defending my clients? liberty --- only to find that they were facing additional jeopardy when their professional licenses -- and livelihood ? were at stake. After handling thousands of cases I realized that defendants were not being made aware of the collateral consequences that came with a criminal conviction ? namely possible loss of license and livelihood. Today, I dedicate my practice to defending Californians whose professional licenses are at risk for any reason. I represent nurses, physician assistants, engineers, accountants, teachers, caregivers, real estate professionals, and even locksmiths, and anyone who is threatened with a criminal charge, or by their licensing board. I stand in front of the courts and their boards and handle the collateral consequence of one bad choice. CRIMINAL HISTORY DOES NOT HAVE TO LOCK OUT A LICENSEWe clean up our client?s past and open the door for them to pursue their chosen career path. A LICENSEE DOES NOT HAVE TO LOSE THEIR LIVELIHOOD MY clients feel like they are behind bars when their licensing Board threatens to take away their professional license. We are the key to setting them free.A FORMER LICENSEE IS NOT BARRED FROM THEIR FUTURELosing or surrendering their license does not have to be the end. We break down the barriers that hold back, and my clients begin again. My firm, Unlock Legal, was created with professionals in mind. We unlock your license. View More ?

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    Univ of California Santa Barbara
    Undergraduate Degree
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    Loyola Law School
    Law Degree
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    23 years of experience


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