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West Palm Beach

Craig Ivan Kelley West Palm Beach Palm Beach County Florida

Craig I. Kelley is the Managing Partner of Kelley, Fulton & Kaplan.Mr. Kelley founded the firm in 2001. His vision when he founded the firm was to find creative solutions to difficult problems, as presented by his various clients. To this day, this philosophy remains as the foundation of the services provided by Kelley, Fulton & Kaplan.Mr. Kelley has extensive experience handling a wide variety of complex matters, from restructuring and insolvency proceedings to complex state court litigation. His motto is that every problem has a solution.Specifically, Mr. Kelley focuses his practice ...

West Palm Beach

Rich Smukler West Palm Beach Palm Beach County Florida

Why Mediation versus Trial? As a trial lawyer of over 35 years, I have handled thousands of cases in the area of Personal Injury law (auto accidents, medical negligence aka malpractice, products liability, pro se divorce, estates and wills, commercial and business transactional disputes, HOA, stockbroker liability claims and much more). Whenever a client says to me "I want my day in court" I take a deep breath. I will then explain the benefits of Mediation, court-ordered or otherwise. It is a chance for you to take some control of the system, as opposed to throwing your fate into the hand...