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Zaman Eid Philadelphia Philadelphia County Pennsylvania

I protect people and businesses. Almost like a fortune teller, I foresee the issues before they happen. I help create efficiencies by putting policies in place that allow your business to grow safely.Solutions, not problems.Startups, small businesses, and established businesses need actionable solutions to their problems. Most lawyers can spot the issues, it is what we are trained to do, but in business, you need solutions that you can live with in order to grow.I give back.Being a part of the Hispanic community, I use my ability to speak Spanish to bring families together.A bit about my educa...


Sarah Holmes Philadelphia Philadelphia County Pennsylvania

I spent six years defending personal injury cases as a litigator in Pennsylvania and New Jersey state and federal courts. My clients were large corporations, big box stores, and business owners who found themselves on the receiving end of a lawsuit. While my job in a law firm provided an adrenaline rush, I always wanted to be a business owner. I started my first business in my kitchen seven years ago and within a year and a half my products were sold in close to 100 stores across the country. I managed to accomplish that while still working full time in a law firm and with a new baby at ...