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Abe Cohn Somerville Middlesex County Massachusetts

Cohn Legal, PLLC is a boutique law firm that focuses on startups and entrepreneurs, with an emphasis on providing excellence in Intellectual property protection. On the most fundamental level, our goal is to provide our clients with exceptional legal guidance and support at cost-effective rates. Extensive experience in handling complex IP law has equipped our attorneys with the requisite knowledge and expertise to deliver work of truly extraordinary quality. While excellence in legal representation is a given, we take greater pride in our ability to forge lasting bonds with our clients.Cohn Le...


Celia Leber Woburn Middlesex County Massachusetts

With nearly 30 years of experience protecting patents and intellectual property, I support U.S. and international clients from my home office in Idaho, in collaboration with my team of attorneys and paralegals who also work from home offices. I specialize in patent protection for mechanical devices, engineering processes, and chemical compositions for Fortune 500 companies, early stage companies, and startups. I am thrilled by those ?lightbulb? moments when I am able to see through barriers and discover a creative approach to a challenging case....


Sean D. Detweiler Waltham Middlesex County Massachusetts

I patent high-tech & low-tech inventions in areas including medical devices, consumer products, mechanical & electrical devices, robotics, HVAC, energy, footwear, sporting goods, clean tech, computers, software & Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. Our group has additional capabilities in biotech, chemistry, healthcare, and life sciences tech.As Head of the Trademark Practice, I obtain trademark registrations in the US & worldwide, for word marks & logos, including securing and enforcement of trademarks for gamertags and consumer products....