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Coral Springs

John Rizvi Coral Springs Broward County Florida

My name is John Rizvi - The Patent Professor . For a FREE consultation about your new idea, call me at 1-866-526-8391.Having been an Adjunct Professor of Patent Law for over 18 years at Nova Law School, I've developed a plain and easy-to-understand approach to patents that I've perfected during my career. I offer competitive flat-fee services for patent work so you don't have to deal with the uncertainty of budgeting for legal work on an hourly-fee basis. I am a Board Certified Specialist in patents and one of the first attorneys in the country to receive this recognition.Prior to starting ...


(866) 526-8391

Fort Lauderdale

Scott Raymond Austin Fort Lauderdale Broward County Florida

My Practice: I can?t believe how lucky I am. At VLP we?ve managed to have the best of both worlds. You know that in any big organization, you?ll have a mix: a small percentage of stars, a large mass of solid performers, and a percentage who maybe should be in a different line of work. We?ve cherry-picked the stars from elite law firms, but haven?t taken on the staggering big firmoverhead. The result is I get to work with only the best, and our sane operating cost allowsboth you and us to do well financially. Our clients couldn?t be happier, and neither could I. My Experience: Board Certified...