Tax law Lawyers in Tulsa

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Steven P. Flowers Tulsa Tulsa County Oklahoma

Tulsa attorney Steven P. Flowers is senior tax counsel with Eller & Detrich. With more than 40 years of experience Steve now primarily concentrates his practice in the areas of tax planning, tax controversy, tax litigation, trusts & estates planning, wealth preservation, probate, will and trust litigation and providing general consul services to companies of various sizes. Because of his substantial experience with trust and estate planning issues, Steve has been invited to lecture about these issues to numerous groups. Core areas of practice and experience ? Federal and State Incom...


Clifford Neil Ribner Tulsa Tulsa County Oklahoma

Do you have an "impossible" tax law problem?Please feel free to ask any judge or lawyer you may know and trust if he or she would feel comfortable referring you to me. That is how most of my clients come to me.Understanding the IRSIRS personnel do not resolve cases favorably for taxpayers to be nice, or even because it is reasonable for them to do so. They only do so when they are forced to, out of their concern over the hazards of potential litigation against the taxpayer and his tax attorney. With a unique combination of specialized tax law and litigation training and experience, I...