Tax law Lawyers in Orem

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Robert Fugal Orem Utah County Utah

Robert Fugal, JD, Utah Bar admission October 6, 1982. Robert Fugal loves to help people move from finiancial insecurity to financial strenght. Robert Fugal was born in American Fork and raised in Pleasant Grove and Lindon, Utah. After graduating from Pleasant Grove High School, with the help of scholarships and part time work in Orem and Provo, he graduated from BYU with a bachelors degree in 1977 and a law degree in 1982. He served as a law clerk to the Honorable Eckhart A. Thompson, United States Bankruptcy Judge for the Central District of California, then practiced as an associate in the...


Alden B. Tueller Orem Utah County Utah

Mr. Tueller graduated cum laude from the University of Utah in 1964 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in mathematics. He received his law degree from the University of California at Berkeley in 1967. He practiced estate, trust, and tax law in New York City for eight years before moving to Utah, where?for another eight years?he was counsel to an organization now known as LDS Philanthropies of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He is the author of five books about tax-exempt planning and charitable tax deductions published by the Taft Group of Kensington, MD and Detroit, MI. Mr. T...