Tax law Lawyers in Naperville

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Jon Dowat Naperville DuPage County Illinois

THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX LAW, INC. I started my career as a broker and investment advisor. I became interested in the tax laws because helping my clients reduce their taxes was an area that made a huge difference in their future. . I felt I could help my clients more if I studied the tax laws. I quit my full time job and enrolled in law school where I primarily studied taxation.After I got my law degree I was helping my clients prepare tax returns and settle tax debts with the IRS. I did not plan to practice bankruptcy law. I discovered the bankruptcy laws gave me more leverage over th...


Jeffrey Anton Collins Naperville DuPage County Illinois

As an Attorney, Former IRS agent and Retired CPA, I fight serious tax matters for business owners. I specialize in IRS problems with larger IRS liability ? that greater than $100,000. My specific services include:? Offer-in-Compromise Settlements? Emergency or Hardship Stop to IRS Levy? Release of IRS Levy on Payroll Bank Accounts? Removal of IRS Liens on Real Estate? Representation in IRS Special Agent Investigations? Removal of IRS Civil Penalty? Sensitive Innocent Spouse Cases? Tax from Death, Divorce, Sale or Loss of BusinessI serve clients across the U.S., and am licensed to practice at t...