Real estate law Lawyers in Waterbury

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James A. Welcome Waterbury New Haven County Connecticut

Attorney James A. Welcome concentrates his Connecticut practice in personal injury, motor vehicle accidents, workers compensation, immigration law and real estate. He is involved in the representation of clients in a variety of settings, including trials, appeals, arbitration and mediation. James believes that the best way for him to serve the needs of his clients is to concentrate in the above specific areas of practice. Specialization, or concentration in a few specific areas of law, allows one to provide excellent superior legal representation in court and before government agencies and l...


Bryan McEntee Waterbury New Haven County Connecticut

Most people come looking for an attorney when something unpleasant has happened in their lives. Attorney McEntee understands the stress that you are experiencing. If retained, Attorney McEntee will personally dedicate himself to your legal matter and work hard to obtain the most positive outcome possible so that you no longer need to worry. Hard work, dedication, results. Rest assured. If you hire Attorney McEntee, your case will be handled competently....


Anne Murdica Waterbury New Haven County Connecticut

Anne Murdica joined Secor, Cassidy & McPartland, P.C. as an Associate assisting in civil litigation and Workers? Compensation matters. She has a background in drug and medical device product liability defense litigation, which was her primary focus while practicing law in New York City. After moving to Connecticut, her generalized practice included contract drafting, residential real estate transactions, estate planning and general litigation....