Real estate law Lawyers in Overland Park

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Overland Park

Rick Davis Overland Park Johnson County Kansas

Rick Davis is the founder and principal attorney of Rick Davis Real Estate, a full-service company that through its exclusive Guarded Pockets? program provides subscription-based legal, real estate agent, title, and closing services exclusively for real estate investors. Memberships start at only $129 per month and include unlimited scheduled phone calls with a local real estate investor attorney to discuss the legal and other questions that arise while running a real estate investment business. There are many companies and gurus that will help you to build larger pockets, but we help ?guard? ...

Overland Park

Jeff Coppaken Overland Park Johnson County Kansas

Jeff Coppaken, the founder of the Coppaken Law Firm, LLC is a lifelong resident of Kansas City. Prior to becoming an attorney, Jeff spent almost a decade in sales, marketing and customer service. Jeff understands that long term goals are met through careful planning and implementation of proper systems. The Coppaken law Firm is dedicated to promoting our client?s business and personal goals....