Intellectual property Lawyers in Wayzata

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Deirdre Kvale Wayzata Hennepin County Minnesota

I have been practicing intellectual property law for 25+ years. I have experience representing Fortune 500 clients as well as small businesses and independent inventors. My background is mechanical engineering....


Christopher M. Turoski Wayzata Hennepin County Minnesota

* Lead IP lawyer for Cargill Animal Protein Division* Lead IP lawyer for Cargill Meat Solutions CorporationOur worldwide Team manages the intellectual assets of the Animal Protein Division of Cargill. Our Team builds value through strategic asset management, compliance, and dispute resolution.The Cargill Animal Protein Division makes up more than one-third of Cargill, and brings together Cargill's meat, poultry and egg businesses. Cargill is 160,000 people in 67 countries speaking more than 63 languages across 78 business units -- partnering with farmers, energy produces and financial provider...