Intellectual property Lawyers in Hartland

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Garet Galster Hartland Waukesha County Wisconsin

Using as a foundation engineering and legal services provided to Fortune 500 companies, individuals, venture capitalists, start-up companies, and family businesses alike, Garet works with clients towards efficient and strategic IP management, assertion and defense; from concept through all levels of appeal. He enjoys meeting with clients to establish long-term, candid relationships that help to achieve client objectives through a team approach....


Melissa Spindler Hartland Waukesha County Wisconsin

Melissa is a registered patent attorney whose practice includes all aspects of intellectual property law, with an emphasis on intellectual property litigation and dispute resolution. In her more than 16 years in practice she has become adept at developing cost-effective business solutions to legal disputes. Melissa collaborates with her clients to enforce their patent and trademark rights and defend against charges of infringement. Melissa also works with her clients to create value by using cost effective strategies to build intellectual property portfolios....