Immigration law Lawyers in Laurel

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Davin Van Eyken Laurel Prince George's County Maryland

A Trustworthy, Honest, and Accessible Attorney who will help you through your Bankruptcy.Davin Van Eyken's experience in handling hundreds of bankruptcy cases has exposed him to many complex financial situations. It is important to plan ahead, and focus on what should be done to address the array of intertwining issues that will have an effect on your case disposition. Davin will provide you with the information you need to know and counsel you as to what you need to do to responsibly address the problems you may have. "I go the extra mile in providing my experience, skills and personal commit...


(301) 476-4995


Rebecca Niburg Laurel Prince George's County Maryland

Immigration attorney with over a decade experience as an immigration officer for the federal government. Bringing that specialized knowledge and expertise to help navigate an increasingly complex immigration law system. Serving Maryland and DC....


Chuck J Mbadugha Laurel Prince George's County Maryland

I am an American Citizen admitted to The Maryland Bar, Washington DC and The New york Bar as Attorney and Counselor at Law. I belong to New york , DC and Maryland Bar Associations. Holds a Masters Degree in Law from the George Washington University Law School specializing in Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution. First Admitted to The Supreme court of Nigeria in 1989 as a Lawyer. Worked with a British Oil company for several years as Legal and Community affairs Manager. Over 26 years combined experience in corporate practice and the Oil sector in Nigeria and will readily assist any bu...