Immigration law Fresno County Lawyers

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Jesus Martinez Fresno Fresno County California

Immigration attorney Jesus Martinez has your best interest at heart. As the son of immigrants, he understands the fears and concerns clients have with their case. Lawyer Jesus will fight for you to get the best immigration result possible.El abogado de inmigración Jesús Martínez tiene su mejor interés en el corazón. Como hijo de inmigrantes, comprende los temores y las preocupaciones que los clientes tienen con su caso. El abogado Jesús luchará por usted para obtener el mejor resultado de inmigración posible....


Sarwinder Singh Dhanjan Fresno Fresno County California

The Honest and Trustworthy attorney that you have been waiting for. Prioritizing Personal Injury and Immigration Law. We speak: Punjabi, English, Hindi, Spanish...


(559) 342-2000


Sully T. Bryan Fresno Fresno County California

I have a unique background and have worked at the prosecutor's office on criminal cases, with state judges, and with immigration judges. This has given me an insight into the legal system, and the way that a judge will look at the evidence and the things they find compelling in deciding a case. My experience has allowed me to prepare myself and my clients for the best legal defense possible and to help my clients find solutions. The experience I gained not only in working behind the scenes but also in writing legal arguments to the court and for the court has given me excellent skills....