Estate planning Lawyers in Norman

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Tyler R. Barrett Norman Cleveland County Oklahoma

If I could summarize what I do in one sentence, I would say that my job is to help people achieve peace of mind knowing that they?ve planned for the future and their family will be taken care of if anything ever happens to them. Two of my grandparents suffer from Alzheimer?s disease. I?ve seen firsthand how the death or disability of a loved one can cause a family to self-destruct. That?s why I chose to dedicate my career to this field. As an estate planning attorney, I?m passionate about creating estate plans for my clients that: (1) Promote family harmony and ensure that both personal and f...


Ryan L Dobbs Norman Cleveland County Oklahoma

Mr. Dobbs specializes in the legal matters that affect families and their legacies. His firm is based on the client experience, not the unknown legal bill at the end of the case. That means no big upfront retainers, legal assistance at any budget, and 24/7 access to staff and your file. Mr. Dobbs believes that his clients should not be fit into the same box that the legal industry has attempted to hold on to from 30 years ago. Technology and new ideas on how deliver legal services set Ryan Dobbs Legal apart from the rest....