Estate planning Lawyers in Bowie

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Suren Adams Bowie Prince George's County Maryland

Suren G. Adams is an attorney with a passion for organization and excellence. She founded Adams Law Office, LLC, over 14 years ago to help her clients get their financial houses in order and find peace of mind. She is an experienced member of the Maryland Bar Association, the District of Columbia Bar Association, the Alliance of Black Women Attorneys, the Christian Legal Society, and the Prince George?s County Bar Association. Suren obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Government and Politics from the University of Maryland in 1994 and then completed course work for a Master of Arts degree i...


(301) 805-5892


Eilene Brown Bowie Prince George's County Maryland

Attorney Eilene Brown is a seasoned and skilled estate planning lawyer at E. Brown Legal, LLC. Her law firm is committed to helping clients of all ages prepare for the future by equipping them with the estate planning documents they need to protect and transfer wealth. Attorney Eilene Brown proudly serves clients throughout Bowie who need assistance drafting wills and creating succession plans for their businesses. Attorney Eilene Brown strives to provide valuable legal insight and offers unique legal solutions that are tailored to her clients? specific needs....