Elder law Lawyers in River Falls

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River Falls

Benjamin Scott Wright River Falls Pierce County Wisconsin

I became a lawyer to make a difference in people?s lives, just like the lawyers who made a difference for my family when I was young.Our world is becoming more and more complicated, especially when it comes to finances and healthcare. I make a difference by helping families navigate the growing bureaucracy and provide for their families....

River Falls

Gwen Kuchevar River Falls Pierce County Wisconsin

Gwen has 30 years of experience working with governmental bodies and with families in transition. She has long-time interests in how local governments balance the competing interests present in most land use issues, in public education and in local government functions in general. Working with elected officials on municipal and educational issues has been a principle focus of her legal career. Gwen has always handled divorces, adoptions and guardianships. In addition to those practice areas, she presently applies what she has learned about families and personal finance to legal issues affecti...