Criminal law Lawyers in Versailles

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James Osbourn Springate Versailles Woodford County Kentucky

I have been practicing law in Versailles since 1983. I have the experience to help you in your time of need....


Joshua McWilliams Versailles Woodford County Kentucky

McWilliams Law focuses on both trial level and appellate level practice. As a practicing attorney, Joshua A. K. McWilliams has experience arguing cases before appellate court judges and arguing cases before juries. Whether the case involves convincing a jury to return a verdict in your favor or an appellate court to order a new trial, McWilliams Law Office has experience. McWilliams Law handles all types of criminal cases. Joshua A. K. McWilliams has experience with cases ranging from simple traffic citations to capital murder cases. McWilliams Law also handles divorces, child custody ca...