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Scott DeVries Zionsville Boone County Indiana

Looking for legal representation but don't know where to start? At DeVries + Kelly Law Office, we provide "Large Firm Diversity and Small Firm Care." We can assist you in many of your legal needs while still giving you the one-on-one service that you desire as we work through the legal issues facing you. And, if we cannot assist you, we will refer you to firms that we believe will provide excellent representation for you. Whether you have a moving violation, driver's license suspension problem, criminal charge, family law issues, or small estate planning need, then contact us at DeVries + ...


(317) 643-5918


Zachary S Smith Florence Boone County Kentucky

My name is Zach Smith and I am an attorney with Hoffman Walker & Smith Firm in Florence, Kentucky.I work with clients on Family Law issues, Probate matters, Civil and Contract Law, and focus on criminal defense as well. My convenient office location allows me to help residents in Campbell County, Kenton County and Boone County KY - which includes the following Cities and Towns:Burlington, KentuckyBromley, KentuckyAlexandria, KentuckyFlorence, KentuckyCovington, KentuckyBellevue, KentuckyHebron, KentuckyCrescent Springs, KentuckyCalifornia, KentuckyPetersburg, KentuckyCrestview Hills, Kentu...


Jeffrey Richard Kays Ashland Boone County Missouri

I have been practicing law in the Mid-Missouri area since 1999. I am a proven trial lawyer with a track record of success for my clients....