Criminal law Lawyers in Baraboo

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Cole Ruby Baraboo Sauk County Wisconsin

Attorney Cole D. Ruby is universally recognized as one of the leading appellate attorneys in the State of Wisconsin. He focuses his practice on litigating appeals following convictions at jury trials. He has successfully litigated post-conviction issues in cases involving, for example, drug trafficking, sexual assault, possession of child pornography, arson, and homicide. On several occasions, Attorney Ruby has been able to have convictions overturned and charges dismissed completely, even after a client was convicted at jury trial while represented by other attorneys. Attorney Ruby is also an...


Jeremiah Meyer-O?Day Baraboo Sauk County Wisconsin

Attorney Jeremiah Meyer-O?Day has dedicated his career to the service of others and the protection of the ?little guy.? His legal career began at a non-profit law firm in Madison, Wisconsin, where he helped people in both criminal and civil proceedings, including evictions, collections, and family-law issues. Attorney Meyer-O?Day then joined the Office of the State Public Defender, working in the Lancaster, Wisconsin office. There, he defended people accused of crimes at all levels of severity. He has extensive trial experience, and a record of successfully litigating issues involving the viol...


Jay M. Englund Baraboo Sauk County Wisconsin

Jay Englund focuses his practice on criminal defense. He has defended thousands of people charged in a wide range of criminal and traffic offenses ranging from the most serious felonies to minor traffic violations. Before forming the partnerships of Pemberton & Englund LLC, Attorney Englund gained valuable experience while working for one of the largest law firms in the eight-county area of central Wisconsin. Before private practice, Attorney Englund clerked with the Eau Claire County Public Defender's Office and at the Waukesha County District Attorney's Office, both of which provided him...


Andrew I. Martinez Baraboo Sauk County Wisconsin

Attorney Andrew I. Martinez has devoted his entire legal career to helping people accused of crimes. He focuses his practice on defending people facing charges of homicide, attempted homicide, and sex-based crimes involving adults or children. He also handles cases involving allegations of domestic abuse. Attorney Martinez is an experienced and accomplished trial lawyer, having tried cases throughout Wisconsin on charges at all levels of severity. Together with Cole Ruby, he?s a two-time recipient of the Wisconsin Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers? Hanson Award, each for winning a not-gu...