Consumer law Lawyers in Fairfax

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Kristi Cahoon Kelly Fairfax Virginia

Kristi C. Kelly is a consumer protection attorney with a genuine commitment to representing the most vulnerable ? and often overlooked ? consumers in federal and state courts in Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia. Ms. Kelly is widely acknowledged as a leading expert in consumer law. In 2014, Virginia Lawyers Weekly recognized her as a ?Leader in the Law,? an annual award given to attorneys that set the standard in their field, and one of the most prestigious honors a Virginia lawyer can receive. She is described by her peers as someone ?who takes ? and wins ? the cases others won...


Andrew Strickland Fairfax Virginia

I am a solutions-oriented, service provider with a background in real estate and business law. Prior to law school, I worked in real estate sales, property management, and investments. Throughout law school, my focus was on real estate and business. As a legal professional, I have held positions as an attorney providing services to the low-income and as a judicial law clerk working for a trial court judge providing research, legal drafts, and recommendations. Now, as a legal professional at Woehrle Dahlberg Jones Yao, I supplement my knowledge and experience with those in the firm to provi...