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David Robert Squeri III Honolulu Honolulu County Hawaii

Diligent and Tenacious Representation, Realistic and Practical SolutionsWith a dynamic focus on the practicalities and goals of my clients, I concentrate my law practice in: Dispute Resolution and Litigation /and/ Business and Transactional Law.- Dispute Resolution and Litigation: As a tenacious advocate for my clients, I have successfully litigated in the Federal U.S. District Court, Hawaii?s Circuit and District Courts, and the Intermediate Court of Appeals. My experience in alternative dispute resolution includes mediation and arbitration, both as counsel for clients and as the mediator/a...


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Peter Starn Honolulu Honolulu County Hawaii

Honolulu real estate attorney Peter Starn has over forty-five years experience in the areas of commercial real estate development and operations. Mr. Starn has extensive experience in corporate finance, mergers, and acquisitions. His real property practice includes the development, sale, acquisition, financing, and restructuring of hotels, office buildings, condominiums, and shopping centers, with particular expertise in the hotel industry. Much of Mr. Starn?s practice centers on international transactions. He has also managed large complex litigation matters for corporate clients and for ...