Civil rights Cuyahoga County Lawyers

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Patrick Perotti Esq Cleveland Cuyahoga County Ohio

Patrick J. Perotti is an award winning national leader in the fields of consumer class actions, employment discrimination, and wage and hour litigation. With verdicts and settlements exceeding $600 million dollars, Patrick is regularly selected to lead class suits in Ohio and around the country. His reputation developed from a demand for outcomes which not only offered compensation to class members but also stopped unlawful government and corporate practices. Using the class action device to achieve deterrence, he has directed more than $25 million in unclaimed class funds from his settlements...


Jacqueline Greene Cleveland Cuyahoga County Ohio

Jacqueline Greene joined Friedman & Gilbert in February 2014. Jacqueline?s civil rights practice focuses primarily on police and prison/jail misconduct, wrongful convictions and wrongful imprisonment, and other government misconduct.Jacqueline also provides criminal defense representation in federal, state, and municipal criminal cases.In addition, Jacqueline serves as Co-Coordinator for the Ohio Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild. In this capacity, Jacqueline recruits and organizes pro bono criminal defense attorneys for political criminal cases in the Greater Cleveland area, defends p...


Subodh Chandra Cleveland Cuyahoga County Ohio

Subodh (rhymes with ?abode?) Chandra (rhymes with ?tundra?) is the founding and managing partner of The Chandra Law Firm LLC. Chandra?s practice focuses on high-profile civil and appellate litigation, including civil-rights, employment, and business litigation; and on internal investigations and white-collar-criminal law, in both federal and state courts. The litigation that Chandra handles often has a crisis-communications, public-policy dimension. Before founding the firm, Chandra served as Director of Law of the City of Cleveland, a billion-dollar corporation. Chandra led the work of an 82...

Chagrin Falls

Alexander Edward Gertsburg Esq Chagrin Falls Cuyahoga County Ohio

Alex has represented private and publicly- traded companies and non-profit organizations of all sizes, as well as their owners, in litigation along the entire spectrum of business disputes: commercial and contract, real estate, shareholder and partnership, broker-dealer, employment, unfair competition, and many others....