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Sun City

Matthew Mark Jones Sun City Maricopa County Arizona

Matthew Jones is committed to helping the great citizens of Arizona with their Estate Planning and Probate Administration needs. Originally from Michigan, Mr. Jones went to Law School in Chicago and practiced law in Florida before settling in and bring his talents and experience to Arizona. Mr. Jones specializes in making the sensitive process of planning a will or trust progress as simple and seamless as possible....

Sun City

Cynthia Miller Sun City Maricopa County Arizona

Go to my website, to the right, to view details about my practice. I focus exclusively on estate planning and asset protection. I work with clients from all walks of life, with all sorts of needs....

Sun City

Randolph Wolfson Sun City Maricopa County Arizona

Randolph D. Wolfson, Esq. has been actively engaged in the practice of law since 1982. After his nomination by then Arizona Governor Hon. Janet Napalitano and with his subsequent appointment by United States President Hon. President George W. Bush, Mr. Wolfson has served as an Arizona Board member for the National Selective Service System Draft Board since 2008. He also served as Judge for the Indiana State Utilities Commission; as an Adjunct Professor at Barry University in Naples, Florida [Introduction to Law] and as an instructor at The Indianapolis Police Academy [Municipal Law Enforcement...