Business law Lawyers in Sheboygan

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Samuel J. Spurney Sheboygan Sheboygan County Wisconsin

I concentrate my practice in the areas of Business Law, Real Estate, and Trusts & Estates. My goal is to become an integral part of my clients? team of trusted advisors.? Many of my clients are multi-generational, family owned businesses with domestic and international operations. I act as ?outside general counsel? and assist clients with a variety of matters, including business succession planning, buy-sell agreements, supply and distribution agreements, terms and conditions, and non-compete agreements.? Performed due diligence as part of representation of clients in purchases and sales o...


Tony Resimius Sheboygan Sheboygan County Wisconsin

Tony Resimius focuses his practice in the areas of employment law, litigation and business law. As the leader of the Rohde Dales Employment Law Team, Tony provides advice and counsel to employers in all aspects of the employment relationship. This advice and counsel regularly includes issues related to the Americans with Disabilities Act, employee handbooks, drug testing policies, independent contractor agreements, wage and hour issues, the Family Medical Leave Act, arrest and conviction discrimination allegations, and workers compensation matters....