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James W. Ackerman Springfield Sangamon County Illinois

Following in his father?s footsteps as a legal advocate, Springfield personal injury lawyer James Ackerman established his practice in 1989. Our approach to the law and to meeting our clients' needs comes from Jim Ackerman's belief that clients are best served when they are fully informed and engaged in every aspect of their case. Jim is a former prosecutor who handles injury claims and who coaches other attorneys on the finer points of case preparation, taking a case to trial, and the art of handling juries. Jim brings years of legal and courtroom experience to bear on every case.Jim Ackerman...


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Jeana K. Reinbold Springfield Sangamon County Illinois

Attorney Jeana K. Reinbold's practice focus is on resolving disputes between debtors and creditors and she will assist with strategy and prosecution or defense if a bankruptcy case (chapter 7, 11, 12 and 13) needs to be involved. She also helps clients protect their assets and plan for their financial futures by helping them design an estate and/or business plan, and assist with legal planning for a business....