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La Grange

Philip Fornaro La Grange Cook County Illinois

Philip M. Fornaro is the managing attorney at Fornaro Law. Adopting a ?never give up? attitude, Philip has become known for his ability to succeed where others fail for the last 20 years. His decision to diversify his practice in 2004 has resulted in the creation of a full service law firm which provides quality representation in a variety of legal areas. Philip follows the rule that positive energy will yield positive results. This energy is the driving force behind the success of Fornaro Law. He has become adept at creating a network and team between clients, Fornaro Law and other profess...

La Grange

Vincent C Mancini La Grange Cook County Illinois

With over 20 years of legal experience, Vince provides his clients with a wide-ranging skill set for solving most legal problems. For many years Vince's practice focused on both trial work and appellate litigation handling a diverse array of cases, including criminal matters, personal injury and property damage claims, non-compete/non-solicitation disputes, business dissolution and accounting actions, probate and guardianship cases, discrimination and civil rights claims, construction defect, mechanic?s lien and breach of contract claims, UCC, banking and foreclosure matters, and municipal zon...