Business law Lawyers in Anchorage

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Robert King Reges Jr. Anchorage Anchorage County Alaska

Robert focuses on environmental and real estate law.PERMITS & COMPLIANCE -- For his corporate clients he has become a risk-management adviser. His detailed familiarity with all state and federal environmental statutes and regulations assists corporations with timely and thorough permit applications, followed by always-defensible permit compliance interpretation. Robert?s in-depth knowledge of Alaska?s environmental laws and federal environtal laws, honed over four decades of practice, enables him to provide quick, efficient, counseling and violation avoidance.RESOLVING CONTAMINATED PROPER...


(907) 222-7108


Mr. Clayton H Walker Jr. Anchorage Anchorage County Alaska

Audit, tax and business experience as a CPA and revenue agent before attending law school. Twenty years applying those skills to transactions and litigation in the business arena for clients....


Lars Danner Anchorage Anchorage County Alaska

I lead a team of legal professionals and oversee the day-to-day in-house counsel function. I regularly advises and supports senior executives and other business leaders on the full range of contractual, legal, regulatory, and corporate issues faced by a large, multi-location Alaskan business....