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Atty. Wendy Smith, Archdale, Guilford County, North Carolina, USA

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After a failed marriage of 26 years, 5 children and a two year custody battle; I knew becoming a family lawyer was my dream. I have been a nurse since 1991, I spent the first years of my career delivering babies at Forsyth Hospital. After 5 years, I discovered that I really wanted to be at home with my children and I started a Nursing Triage Company that now operates in almost 1/2 of the United States. I had the perfect life, a company that was successful and allowed me to be a mom. Then; my life was turned upside down by a divorce. Three of my children still were at home and the battle began. After many times of being told that my children would be taken from me, I decided to attend law school. My education taught me how to gain primary custody of the most beautiful gifts that God has ever given me-our children. The ideal situation is when two parents realize they must co-parent effectively for the sake of their children, but this does not always happen. In my own custody battle, the judge referred to me as a bulldozer, but sometimes in life you must destroy all the negative in your life, so you can build the life you deserve. If you need a bulldozer, then I am the attorney for you. If you can effectively co-parent, then I am the attorney for you. If you are not sure what to do next, then I am the attorney for you. We do not enter marriage saying, ?I do?, with the thought of divorce, but it happens. If you do, and decide it was not a great idea, I can undo. We all deserve happiness and peace of mind, and sometimes all you need is God, and an attorney to fight for you. Wendy Smith MSN/MBA, Esquire View More ?

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