Animal and dog law Lawyers in Lake Oswego

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Lake Oswego

Bartley Herron Lake Oswego Clackamas County Oregon

Personal Injury Lawyer in Portland - WE ARE "4OregonPeople"Bart Herron has been an attorney for more than 21 years and has focused his practice solely on personal injury, representing clients all over the Portland metro area as well as seriously injured people all over Oregon. With former experience as a licensed social worker and pro-tem prosecutor, Herron can understand the situation you are in due to personal injury after a serious accident. Attorney Herron and the firm's team of professionals are dedicated to protecting the rights and interests of each client. Attorney Herron has an extens...

Lake Oswego

Robert Guarrasi Lake Oswego Clackamas County Oregon

Handling Personal Injury Claims, On the Job Workers' Compensation Claims and Dog Bite Dog Attack cases in Oregon and California...